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A little about ElectronicTongue

An emerging project devoted to the development and application of ELECTRONIC TONGUE - a sensor device for recognition (identification, classification, discrimination), quantitative multicomponent analysis and artificial assessement of taste and flavour of various liquids

February, 2010
New literature references added. List can be found here, №59 and below.

December, 2006
ISOEN 2007 Second Announcement is available now at Official Page.
For more information please, visit conference's Official Web Site.

December, 5th, 2006
A list of our partners is expanded.

December, 5th, 2006
New literature references added.

March, 31th, 2006
First announcement and call for papers information is available now at the official site of ISOEN 2007. The conference will be held from 3 to 5 of May, 2007. For more info please, visit the Official Site.
ISOEN 2007 St.Petersburg Russia

June, 26th, 2006
You can have a look at our research projects and relevant references.
Follow the link.

April, 4th, 2006
We developed a new ion-selective sensor, selective to nitrite ions (NO2-). All characteristics of a new sensor you can find in the table.

March, 31th, 2006
The date of ISOEN 2007 is defined. The conference will be held from 3 to 5 of May, 2007. For more info please, visit the Official Site.

March, 30th, 2006
Await soon (in 2-5 days) some new photos of working systems.

March, 9th, 2006
Our site is available in Pocket PC mode now, still with no pictures, but with full-text content. You can find it at http://pda.electronictongue.com

December, 1st, 2005
We will organize ISOEN Conference in May, 2007. Please, visit our Official Page!
May, 17th, 2005
Two NEW sensors were added! Their characteristics you can see at the bottom of the table with PVC-based sensors. All kinds of sensors are negotiable!

June, 30th, 2005
Now you can ask your questions to us in our forum! We'll respond you as soon as possible!

July, 29th, 2005
Our Ion-selective electrodes have got a Pattern Approval Certificate of Measuring Instruments which is registered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments of Russian Federation (Certificate №13763-05). A copy of this certificate will appear here soon!

December, 15th, 2005
Four of our new papers added to References page.

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